Why Can’t I Open Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular email services on internet. The login information of yahoo mail can also be used in other services owned by yahoo, such as Yahoo Messenger and Flickr. Like any other account, Yahoo Mail accounts are also facing phishing threats. Yahoo, therefore, recommends you to login through only the official websites of yahoo and avoid those not owned by Yahoo.

The official Yahoo Mail login website is https://login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?&.src=ym.

The safest way is to access main Yahoo site and try to login from there whatever the yahoo service you want to use. The introduction of Last Pass has been quite helpful. With this device the login process goes on automatically as it fills out all the login information itself. This is a safe procedure as the user does not need to type any login related information.

Yahoo Mail Why Can’t I Open Yahoo Mail

In order to make it convenient for the users log into their accounts, yahoo has launched an application that helps trace lost username or password.

Set windows options to allow pop ups to appear, so that yahoo pop-ups may also emerge and you have access to genuine yahoo windows.

Following accounts explain why you sometimes can’t open your Yahoo account and also detail how to deal with it: -

Yahoo updates in progress

When Yahoo is going to upgrade system, it may deny access to its users for the time being. If this is the situation, you receive a message accordingly after you make an attempt. There is no remedy to it! Only you can do is wait and check after sometime, as convenient to you.

Incorrect yahoo settings

If you are a paid user of Yahoo, you can access yahoo using email clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird. If this is your first time dealing with Yahoo Mail Plus employing these clients, recheck your settings if everything entered were correct.

Check whether “@yahoo.com” part of your email id is there in the address bar. Check if “plus.pop.mail.yahoo.com” is there in the incoming POP3 mail server and “plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com” for the outgoing SMTP mail server. However, your account name must be fed without “@yahoo.com” part of id. Retype your password in the appropriate field now.

Network connection failure

Don’t forget to check your internet connections for a couple of times, because sometimes in haste for forget that and it is actually a net’s failure. Check the connection icons located in the taskbar, if you are using Microsoft windows. Try to open another site separately, if it doesn’t, it means there is certainly something wrong with your network connections. If it still doesn’t work, then there is probably something wrong with your Internet connection. Now this is the time to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Here it won’t be inappropriate in so far as to mention that having a reliable ISP is the prerequisite for a stable connection and efficient email service. So it won’t constitute a healthy debate if we keep on blaming yahoo for above mentioned discrepancies while our own connection is not working.

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