Why Are Worms Slimy

There are various facts about worms that the common people are not aware of. Majority of the people think that the worms are slimy and dirty creatures. Following discussed are a few facts about the worms.

Why the Worm is Slimy

The process of respiration in worms is carried out via their skins. Their entire body is covered with mucus. This mucus that covers the bodies of the worms disintegrates into oxygen and is dissolved into the body of the worms through their skin. Hence this mucus is a source of life for the worms and without it these creatures cannot survive.

Worms Slimy Why Are Worms Slimy


Worms belong to different phylum but the common characteristic is their segmented bodies and bristles. There are different types of worms found. Some worms are also found in the human body such as round worms, tape worms and flat worms.

Earthworms and maggots are commonly found in soil. Caterpillar is also a kind of a worm. Majority of the worms are hermaphrodites.

Other Facts and Figures

There is a large variation in the sizes and colors of the worms. Night crawler is one of the longest worms that can grow up to 30 cm. mostly the longest worms have been seen in Australia and in Canada worms up to the length of 120 cm have been reported to be seen and a few species of worms found are above 300cm. Recent data suggests that there are more than 2500 species of worms found all around the world. Some worms are parasitic. Worms prefer to live underground and in damp places. There can be more than a million worms living in a few hundred yards of land.

One astonishing feature of worms is that they live for a long period of time that may be up to 13 years. There are worms that have been reported to have lived for more than 50 years. Unlike human beings the worms have five hearts and they are known to regenerate their tail if they are cut into two halves. In such cases only the end with the head survives.


It is interesting to know that the worms have receptor cells on their body that are sensitive to light and are also capable of detecting vibrations in the ground. Worms move with the help of bristles which serve the purpose of legs for them. Their bristles allow them to move on different surfaces with ease. The worms are capable of moving both forward and backwards.


Another very interesting fact about the worms is that they are hermaphrodites which mean that a single worm consists of both male and female reproductive organs. But to bare an off spring another mate is required.


Worms may look slimy and disgusting to the human eye but they serve nature by enriching the soil and thus are useful in plant growth. A large variation of worms is consumed as food by people all around the world. This proves that like any other creature the worms are also not useless.

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