Why Are They Called DC Shoes

DC Shoes is an American shoe company having specialty in making footwear for extreme sports, such as BMX, motocross, rally car racing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing, and also shirts, jeans, hats, snowboards, and jackets. You can check out all of their shoes on shoe hero. DC Shoes’ most demanded shoe was the “Lynx 2″ after the company ceased its production. Skateboarders used to say that the “Lynx 2″ was the best shoe they had ever skated.

Brief History

Based in Vista, California, the company was established in 1993. Originally DC read ‘Droors City Footwear’, but after the defuntness of Droors, DC is no more related to Droors. Although, no tie any longer exists between the old and the new group, the acronym ‘DC’ is still used as part of the company name.

DC Shoes Why Are They Called DC Shoes

DC Shoes was purchased by Quiksilver, after committing a lot of promise, for $87 Million USD on March 10, 2004. Being a U.S. company, the group specializes in the manufacture of skateboarding shoes. In addition to footwear, the company also deals in clothing and other outdoor gears such as jackets, hats and jeans.

The company also sells snowboards, shirts, and snowboarding boots. The group now sells footwear, being a Quicksilver subsidiary, to cater for the requirements of different kinds of extreme sports such as surfing, rally car racing and motocross. Moreover, it offers quality products for snowboarding, BMX, and skateboarding.

A number of individuals have contributed to the recent accomplishments of the brand. At present Mr. Warren is presiding the company, while Ken Block is performing the acting duties vested in the appointment of a Chief Brand Officer. The block is also a co-founder with Damon Way.

Because of the high standard and quality outlook of the products of the company, a number of celebrities have performed and advertised while wearing on a range of company’s products. A few of the renowned celebrities include rally driver Billy Manuhutu, drummer Edson Rodriguez and television actor Kevin James. In order to advertise products that can instantly entice audiences, companies can rely on the expertise of professionals such as the Massachusetts photographer.

Rob Dyrdek and the DC Show

Rob Dyrdek has been sporting as professional skateboarder since the age of 16. Other companies such as Spy Optics and Red Bull also sponsor him. Dyrdek also has a set of skateboarding products, such as athletic shoe from DC shoes, dubbed as “The Dyrdek1”. He took personal interest in the construction of Dyrdek (DC) shoe skate park in Ohio. He also used his influence in having constructed a private indoor skate park called Training Facility in California.

In 2007, DC made it public that they were going to expand into the hardgoods’ market after they had launched DC snowboards. With the enhancement of the DC snowboards line, their versatility will also do, and you could anticipate this heavy duty sport icon to pose durable in the coming years!

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