Why Are People Fighting Over the Gaza Strip

The Gaza strip is located between Egypt and Israel. The cause of conflict over the Gaza strip roots back thousands of years. Basically the fight is due to the Arab and Jewish claim to this land. In order to understand the root cause of this conflict we will have to go through the history of this area.

The Zionist Movement

The Zionist movement began in the 1880’s when the Jews settled all over America and Europe united to get hold of Palestine as their home land since they were forced to move out by the Romans and had no land.

This idea of Jews moving to Palestine was accepted and supported by the Britain and thus the Jews started pouring into Palestine during and after the 1st world war. This gave birth to tension between the Arabs and the Jews over the Gaza strip.

Gaza Strip Why Are People Fighting Over the Gaza Strip

Creation of the Israeli State

When the tension between the Arabs and Jews gained momentum, in 1947, Britain stepped in and took the matter to the United Nations. The sole solution that the United Nations could find was to divide Palestine into two independent states of Israel and Palestine. That’s how Israel came into being in 1948 but it was certainly not the right decision to resolve conflict because immediately after it war broke in the Gaza strip. The Jews debated that they had lived on this land for thousands of years and the Arabs did not want to give up their land.

The Conflicts Begin

Existence of Israel raised anger and frustration among the Arabs and after Israel came into being the Palestinian Arabs attacked and was badly defeated, as a result of which they lost their part of Palestine and their land was divided between Israel and Jordan. Till date the Palestinians are living as refugees on the land which once was their homeland.

Later in 1956 Israel took over the Suez Canal and the Sinai Peninsula with the help of Britain and France but this act was condemned by America, thus the Israeli forces were made to withdraw from Egypt.

The Six Days War

After 11 years in 1967 the Egyptian and the Syrian forces joined hands and blocked the Gulf of Aqaba but Israel fought back fiercely and destroyed hundreds of Arab planes in a matter of hours. They destroyed the Egyptian army in Sinai Peninsula and took control of the Gaza strip and the Golan Heights. They also took control of the Jordan’s and West Bank’s half of Jerusalem.

The October War

Once again the Suez Canal was attacked in October of the year 1973 this time by the Egyptian forces and the Golan Heights were invaded by the Syrian forces in the same year. For the first couple of days it looked like that Israel would lose forces but Israel turned the tables with the help of additional backup forces that they had called for, hence the Egyptian and the Syrian forces were badly defeated by the Israel.

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