Why Are Chimps Endangered

The animals that are becoming extinct on earth are increasing with every passing day due to several different reasons. Among this list are chimps that have been reduced to a small population due to numerous reasons. Steps need to be taken in order to avoid or prevent predicament of chimps and for this it is first important to find out the reasons behind this scenario. A few such reasons are:

Destruction of Their Homes

Even though several animals are becoming nearly extinct the human population is rapidly increasing. In order to accommodate the increasing human population trees are being cut down every now and then so that houses, schools, hospitals, shopping malls can be constructed to meet the needs of the humans. This may prove useful to humans but for chimps it is total loss as their natural habitat is destroyed and they have limited or no access to food and it is one of the reasons behind extinction of the chimps.

Chimps Endangered Why Are Chimps Endangered

According to research not long ago over a million chimps were found in African jungles but now this number has been reduced to a mere 250,000. Similarly the number of chimps in forests all around the world has been greatly reduced.

Large industries have been set up in all the countries for material gains and convenience otherwise for mankind; space is made to set up factories by cutting forest and the harmful fumes and toxic waste from these factories adversely affect all animals thus disturbing the ecological cycle. So the chimps are at risk as they are also a part of the ecological cycle.

Being Captured and Sold as Pets

All animals including chimps belong to their natural habitat and when they are taken away from their natural homes and are caged they become weak since there is no physical exertion as in forests. Though several laws have been devised to prevent captivation of animals but implementation is rare. Chimps are available to be kept as pets and are at the disposal of their masters who may or may not take care of them. Several end up dead locked up in cages. It is not only the chimp in captivation that dies but its family is also killed when they resist handing over their infant. The life of a captured chimp is equally difficult as of the jailed human beings.

Being Sold as Food

Every year thousands of apes are hunt down and their meet is sold at considerably high prices. The meat of wildlife is referred to as bush-meat. Even though selling bush-meat is illegal but it is widely practiced as it is highly profitable. The demand for bush-meat is alarmingly increasing and the number of chimps is alarmingly decreasing.

What You Can Do

You can help by not keeping chimps as pets, saying no to bush-meat, reporting people who hunt or sell the chimps, by growing trees and saving the forests, by volunteering to work with groups dedicated to preserving chimps. This way you are not only preserving an ape but in reality you are preserving nature.

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