Why Are Apples Associated With Teachers

It is a common practice in countries like, Denmark, Sweden and the United States to present apples to teachers at one’s first day at school. How this trend was set — is self explanatory, as it symbolizes love, care and regard for your teacher who has a great share to make you a successful person in life. Moreover, it is also essential to establish what an apple symbolizes.

Though the apple tradition has been associated with teachers, yet many of them won’t like an apple. Many teacher based organizations use the image of an apple as their logo, but the true origin of the tradition dates back to biblical accounts in which an apple is described to have been plucked from the tree of wisdom, the Garden of Eden.

Apple and Books Why Are Apples Associated With Teachers

Apple and Teacher connection:

Apple as a fruit is a symbol of change, variety and growth. Apples happen to be in a variety of colors such as, yellow, green and red; hence they symbolize variety and change. In addition to that it has varying tastes as well, such as, sweet, sour and tangy. Since the main trunk of the apple tree sprouts from its seed, we may say that it symbolizes growth also.

Teachers as educators may help students enhance their motivation level and understanding of different fields of study. The role of a teacher can not be denied in the emotional as well as physical development of a student.

As a student gains knowledge and inspiration from teacher, he manifests substantial physical change in his disposition; we can figure out a broadcast of confidence and empowerment in his personality. We can say that a sensible teacher can considerably groom the personality of his students as sane beings.

However, an educator can only dispense all this if the parents and the school management equally cooperate and help in creating the very air required to nourish aforementioned faculties.

The Tradition of Giving Apples to Students:

The tradition of giving apples to teachers is very old. It remained in vogue until about 18th century. During the period teacher in return of their favors to their students, as it was the practice, would rather receive apples and potatoes in many parts of the world such as Denmark and America. Actually, at that time teachers were a low paid community, so this additional commodity based help was exercised to help them meet the costs of living.

Besides apple was also considered a precious fruit in view of the difficulty associated with its plantation, cultivation and finally the harvest. However, this kind based help was not confined to just apples; other fruits were also in custom depending upon the extent of affordability of the parents.

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