Reasons Why Children Join Gangs

With the going age, everything is becoming curious and dangerous until you don’t know what is going around you. For instance, can find out many children taking part in different kinds of gangs and groups where most of them are not legal and bad for the society and nation. You have to keep an eye on your children activities and their behaviors to know whether your kid is involved in any kind of wrong activity or he is becoming part of a bad gang. Now, when we say that kids are taking interest in these gangs then there must be some types of reasons and conditions which force them or allow them to join such groups or gangs. There are many reasons which force children to join such groups. Some of these motives are given in the next section along with brief description.

Children Join Gangs Reasons Why Children Join Gangs

Sense of Protection:

What can be the most probable reason for which kids take part in distinct gangs? Well, everyone needs and demands safety and security and kids need them as well. This can be the most common fact which allows or forces them to find out some kinds of forces or agencies which provide shelter and protection. You can see that many kids like these groups who have been quite coward in their previous lives or who have most fanatical minds. These kids go towards these gangs which assure them for complete protection and eventually let them do a lot of activities which are not allowed or simply prohibited. This is the most widespread reason for which kids join gangs. Not just they need their security from society but some kids join these groups because they are afraid of other gangs which may offer any type of threat and danger. So, these reasons and feelings of fear let kids join different kinds of gangs and illegal groups.

To face the situation and to feel cool!

Another motive for taking part with these gangs is that kids are more enthusiasts and they want their friends to be impressed by them because of their bravery and valor. These gangs are not small themselves but they are linked with even more larger and stronger parties and groups which look for such kids who need feeling of freedom. When they find out such children who like fights and courageous situations more then they locate them and make them their own part. These children want their families and friends to watch that they are too cool and heroic. At the same time, those kids like these gangs who want some adventure and venture all the time. What can be the best way to show your bravery than joining a gang who is there for offering full time fun along with huge adventure and escapade? So, these causes end up with this result and lots of kids are becoming victim of these groups rapidly.

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