Why Is It Called the French Quarter

May 3rd, 2011

There are many historical accounts regarding a number of regions which transformed and developed in totally distinct area. French Quarter is among these regions or it can be taken as the best example of such areas which got huge changes over time. Now, what is the fact behind it name? It is because it was founded by French. However, it does not mean that you will find only French culture here but you can se lots of diverse cultivations which not just developed but are still found in French Quarter.

Jean Bienville founded the city in 1718. He was an official. In the early days, the area was a mixture of a number of cultures. And at the present age, you can find a number of schools as well as churches which bring out French traditions very well. So, French civilizations have great impact on the whole city.

French Quarter Why Is It Called the French Quarter

It was not a small or insignificant concern but history and development of French Quarter was a great remark for several other countries and people around the world. Then in the beginning, The Ursuline Convent, Royal and Bourbon Street were also developed.

Time when it was ruled by Spanish:

In 1762, Louisiana territory sold to Charles III of Spain. Then the region was under Spanish rule for more than a few years. It would not be wrong to say that there was not any kind of disturbance or uproar in the region while this duration of dependence. It was peace and harmony everywhere. And in addition, different kinds of developments and improvements were made for the prosperity of the region. There are many good examples which bring out excellence of this rule. For instance, architecture got enormous modifications such as brick houses, galleries and backyards and different other places got appearance. And of course, the most significant aspect can’t be overlooked at all. Yeah, it was regarding the regulations when a strong civil law was introduced.

Under America:

It was 1803 when Louisiana was sold to the growing United States. After coming under America rule, city was developed in a way never adopted before. Everything got developments and prosperity. More businesses were established and distinct materials got increased productions as well. Diverse cultures mixtures made it more amazing.

Civil war and 1920s:

City was affected by the civil war in a similar way as other sates were. However, conditions got better in 1890s. The main reason for the city to get back to its prosperity was the birth of jazz. Storyville. And in 20s, region was as developed as was before along with a number of culture and productions growths. While talking about the history of French Quarter, it is impossible to overlook the presence of many grand artists like William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams and Sherwood Anderson.

1930s and Present Era:

There are many momentous places in the city such as Woldenberg Park, the Old French Market at Decatur Street, St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square and lots of others. At present, people come from various regions of the world to New Orleans just for watching the beautiful views and to listen in the sounds.

Why Doesn’t Arizona Observe Daylight Savings Time

May 2nd, 2011

Different kinds of time saving as well as resources saving policies are made throughout the country to find solutions of related issues. For instance, daylight savings time is adopted in some states of America where clocks are advanced. Well, there must be some types of benefits which are linked to this practice and which would have definitely brought our gains in diverse states of United States. However, the main object of this practice is to utilize the day time or afternoon as much as it is possible that is why time is tried to be added to the afternoons. The saving time also helps in saving the electricity that is utilized in the evening hours. So, it brings beneficial points not just in the day but at the evening as well. For the same reason, daylight savings time is considered useful to the operations of marketable establishments in numerous states. However, this practice is not just beneficial but it offers a few drawbacks as well. For instance, it disturbs the business patterns and sleep patterns of people who have to go behind it. For the same downside, some of the states don’t like to implement this practice in them such as Arizona.

Daylight Savings Time Why Doesn’t Arizona Observe Daylight Savings Time

Impact on the Lifestyle of People and Energy Consumption in the State of Arizona

does Arizona know the importance of daylight savings time? If it knows them then why it does not implement it in it as well like other states of the country? One of the most obvious reason for which the state does not follow this time advancement is its temperature. Yeah, temperature is relatively high in these states as compare to other regions of the country. Not just the government but natives of Arizona are also not agree to follow these timings as they think that it will disturb their schedules as well as leisure activities. For instance, there are many activities which may not be carried out at night such as playing or anything else. It is not all because these time schedules also increase electricity consumption. If we crucially analyze then daylight savings time only reveals the business establishments as well as homes use air conditioning and different kinds of other cooling appliances will be extended. If Arizona does not implement the daylight savings time then it does not mean that none of other states the country follow it but there are more than a few states which are willing to implement the time and they do so as well. For instance, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah are some of these states which implement the daylight savings time in them.

So, these were a few important considerations and grounds which stopped the state of Arizona to implement daylights savings time in it. If it implements then it may have to change the whole business patterns as well as the patterns of people activities and routine which is not possible of course.

Why Does Fluid Build Up in Lungs

May 2nd, 2011

Pulmonary edema is present when there is fluid accumulation in the lungs.  The fluid accumulated within the layers of the tissues that line the lungs and the chest cavity, resulting gas exchange was affected and eventually led to respiratory failure.  This is only because the heart does not work well to remove the fluids from the lungs circulation.  This is described as cardiogenic pulmonary edema.  Fluid accumulation in the lungs also causes some direct injury to the lung parenchyma.  This is described as noncardiogenic pulmonary edema.

Causes of Fluid Build Up in the Lungs

For lubrication of the surfaces of the pleura the human body produces a small amount of pleura liquid.  Pleura pass on to the thin tissue that surrounds the lungs and lines the chest cavity.  When there is an abnormal or excessive amount of this fluid is present, it cause pleural effusion.

Fluid Build Why Does Fluid Build Up in Lungs

Transudative pleural effusions:  If blood pressure increase in the vessels or their protein content is low, it causes transudative effusions.  The congestive heart failure is the most common cause for this condition.  The heart attacks or abnormal heart valves also cause an abnormal accumulation of blood in the lungs’ blood vessels.  This in turn can lead to the too much fluid build up in the alveoli, which affect the gaseous exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Exudative pleural effusions: Some common causes of exudative pleural effusions are :-

  • Lungs injury
  • Toxin inhalation
  • bacterial pneumonia
  • drug reaction
  • blood vessels blockage
  • kidney failure or kidney diseases
  • cancer
  • pulmonary embolism
  • viral infection

Symptoms of Fluid Build Up in the Lungs

The fluid build up symptoms in the lungs include:

  • coughing which may produce bloody or frothy sputum
  • excessive sweating
  • paleness
  • shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
  • If the cause is related to cardiac conditions, the patient may suffer from palpitations or chest pain.
  • anxiety and restlessness
  • Feeling of being deprived of ‘air’ or ‘drowning’. This might happen while the patient is sleeping and suddenly gets up and tries to catch the breathing.  This is known as paroxymal nocturnal dyspnea.
  • Weakness, fatigue or dizziness

Treatment for Fluid Build Up in the Lungs

The remedy for pulmonary edema depends upon the cause of the condition.  Depending on the acuteness of the condition, the doctor may admit the patient to either hospitalize the patient or treat the patient as an outpatient by prescribing oral medications.  If the cause of the pulmonary edema is related to the heart, then suitable medicines are given to stabilize the heart.  The suitable medications may be prescribed to strengthen the muscles of the heart, regulate its rhythm or to control its pressure.  Water pills or diuretics may be given to reduce the body excess fluids.

If the oxygen level in the blood becomes too low then the patient may be given oxygen supplementation.  If the patient has noncardiogenic pulmonary edema, the treatment will be advised according to the cause.  For example, if the source is related to kidney failure or kidney disease, the doctor may take the necessary steps to address these issues. Similarly, antibiotics will be given to the patient to deal with infections if the cause of the fluid retention is due to an infection.

There may be several complications that can arise due to pulmonary edema, which may be severe oxygen deprivation to different organs of the body such as the brain.  In this condition the patient may require a breathing machine.

Preventing Fluid Build Up in the Lungs

The doctor advised is important for a patient who has developed pulmonary edema.  So, it is very important for every person that he may adopt healthy activities such as sports or regular exercise habits in life.  Annual or six monthly regular checkups may also be helpful to identify the possible disease in time.

Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

May 2nd, 2011

We do many kinds of things at different occasions. For instance, we eat Turkey on Thanksgiving… it is habitual but is traditional as well. Well, there must be some historical points of views about this act which we do on thanksgiving always. How can we find out such reasons which develop such types of traditions? One way is to get to the history of this feats and there are several other interesting and amazing concerns which help us know who do we eat turkey on thanksgiving?

Eat Turkey Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

Let us see what Beginnings say?

In the age of 1619 till 1620, pilgrims were living in Plymouth, Massachusetts. At that time, they were suffering from severe food shortages which were critically hard to tolerate more. There were distinct grounds which led to food shortages. For instance, poor weather conditions as well as unstable food supplies acted as major reasons for the food shortages at that time. However, pilgrims had to do something to deal with these issues and for the same course; they turned to the Native Americans. After that, Indians became source for pilgrims who taught them how to farm and get require foods from them.

A Gift from the Native Americans:

Food shortage ended in 1621. Pilgrims were very thankful to the Indians and for this course, Pilgrims held a banquet in 1621. In this devour, Native Americans were invited. At that time, Native Americans brought some turkey along with them. That is basic reason for which we eat turkey on thanksgiving because Native Americans did so on that day. And it became the part of history and tradition. Though Americans did not decide to bring turkey along with them for some particular reasons but it became a tradition for the pilgrims at that time and for us now to eat turkey at thanksgiving.

Economical Perspectives:

Though it seems that turkey was not chosen for particular reason but some researchers said that there were some economical as well as practical grounds which let them prefer turkey to take with them at the invited feast. Actually they were enough to feed lots of people same time. And according to the farmers, it was best for huge savings and profits.

What they have to do to find out substitute of turkey?

If somehow they decide to choose any other feats then it may require huge expenses as well. For instance, if they choose chicken in place of turkey then they would have to give so much for them which was not encouraging of course. At the same time, if they prefer any other animal for acquiring delicious meat from they would have to pay for them as well. For instance, they may kill the cows to get meat from them but cow were there to give milk and if they would have to pay for just killing them off too. So, all these issues led them to prefer the delicious turkey and have fund with them.

Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day

May 2nd, 2011

There are many historical records which are found out in the United States history. There were lots of battles and wars which were happened in the past and had lots of amazing issues to talk about. In most of these wars, people as well as soldiers have taken part very well and because of their passionate struggles and actions, country got many victories which can never be overlooked at all. Veterans Day is one of these beautiful memories which possess huge regard among the people as well as for the United States itself. Let us acquire some valuable concerns about this day and why do we celebrate the Veterans Day?

Celebrate Veterans Day Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day

Reasons for Celebrating Veterans Day:

It would not be wrong to say that militants and soldiers play a vital and critical role for the safety and protection of their land and people. Veterans Day is also linked with such remarkable struggles of militants which can never be disgraced at any way. Veteran soldiers are those who fight not just with passion with huge intellect and who possess experience about how wars are fought and what are tactics to win the battles. At the present stage, United States has around 24.9 million military veterans in the country. What do you do with the persons who don’t care about them just because of your safety and peace of life? How would you thank them for the outstanding efforts they carry out on each step when you need their support? No doubt, their remarkable efforts could never be thanked in any way but there may some kind of appreciations which may play a part to somehow give thanks to them for whatever they did and are still doing for their nation. What can society do for them? Of course, they deserve huge regard and esteem which may be made through devoting a how day or a whole celebration for them just to feel them proud for whatever they are and whatever they are offering their country. This special day is known as Veterans Day which owns a significant position among all historical records which are associated with United States.

To celebrate the day, a national holiday is held on every 11th day of November. The day and date is based on the date of the signing of the Armistice, which finally took towards the end of World War I.

How people celebrate the Veterans Day?

Now, how do people make fun on the particular day and what kind of activities they carry out on it? Different kinds of activities are celebrations are made on the day when people try to make the day as memorable as they can. For instance, colorful parades showcasing veterans in uniforms can be found out. And many ceremonies and speeches are help on the day which aimed to describe and regard the struggles of these veteran soldiers.

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day

May 2nd, 2011

What do you think of Memorial Day? What is the significance of this day and why do we make fun at this particular day? If you look over then you will find out that Memorial Day is one of the most important festivals which are celebrated with huge fun and joy throughout the nation. When do people celebrate this great day? Well, it is celebrated on last Monday of May on every year and lots of celebrations and preparations are made just for these festivities. Now, a question arises that why do people and the government give so importance to that specific day and what makes it so exceptional and significant for the whole nation? To get insight into the imperativeness of this day we have to find out a number of historical points of views about this day which have been happened in the past on this particular day.

Celebrate Memorial Day Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day

The Significance of Memorial Day:

What is the most crucial and crucial cause of making fun and celebrations at Memorial Day? The most basic reason for this day is to give thanks to the nation’s soldiers who offered their lives several years ago just to save the land from probable treats and dangers. They were not just soldiers but several other militants also have taken part at that day and offered the gifts of their lives for the protection of their land i.e. United States. In the beginning, people were eager to celebrate the day to give thank and regard to the causalities that have been died the American Civil War. However, now this day is honored for all persons including natives as well as soldiers and military personnel who did not regard their live but did everything for their country and eventually, gave their lives for this cause.

What do people do to celebrate the Memorial Day?

Well, this day is really very crucial for whole nation and everybody takes part in it happily. People carry out lots of tasks at this particular day to regard it as well as to remind the great efforts made by the soldiers and natives. Usually, they go to different memorials and cemeteries which are help on this theme. It is not all as people regard the day by holding a national moment of remembrance at 3.pm on this day every year. At the same time, United State’s flag is kept at half-staff position for a particular duration in various regions of the country. In addition to this, some people visit public cemeteries just to be a sign of admiration and they put small American flags on every gravesite as well.

These are usual activities which people do on this day. However, there are several other people who spend the whole day along with their families and friends and make huge fun throughout the day. People get back to their homes sooner and then participate in more than few activities which become source of pleasure and bliss for them at this particular Memorial Day.

Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse

May 2nd, 2011

Various countries and a number of regions of the world have been developed just after huge struggles and efforts which were made to acquire them. However, when we talk about the Soviet Union then it is quite different condition with this country. It was a strong country and was blessed with every kind of prosperity and opulence. Now, it is very important to know that which factors cause the country to break up and what were the actual reasons behind this country collapse? All these and related factors will be discusses in the next section.

Soviet Union Collapse Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse

Facts about the Soviet Union and reasons which let it break up:

It is not too strange to think of a region’s collapse that was not in good conditions. It means that you may think that a country with poor political and other circumstances may fell down at any time. However, one never thinks of a country’s collapse which is good enough to deal with all national as well as international mattes. When we talk about the Soviet Union then it was an established and developed country which was having all kinds of essential and crucial national resources so, one may never think of its collapse. The country was taken as the legitimate successor of the Russian Empire. It was not all but Soviet Union was brining out outstanding developments in the fields of weaponry as well as space technology. It made efforts for the advanced scientific research. In addition to this, not just this country was developed but it paved the way of prosperity and establishments for more than a few countries of the world. What kind of benefits the country was offering to other regions and how they were developing by its help? The Soviet Union offered economical stability as well as military strength to lots of other countries which really received considerable benefits from this country. In addition to his, the Soviet Union was a member of the United Nations Security Council which is a developed and successful country as well. So, what were the grounds which let the country leave all its successful time while falling down to collapse.

What were the Probable Reasons for Soviet Union Break Up?

Conditions were too good that no one might have though about the break up of the country. However, a few factors eventually led to the break up and country had to fall down at last. Among the major reasons for this collapse, country’s unstable political conditions and economical issues which may never be overlooked to mention. United State’s former president named Ronald Reagan convinced the Saudi Arabian their oil prices. For the same course, U.S. had to drop its prices for their own oil products. Now, condition began to get worse. It really affected the economical affairs of United States. It further disturbed the political issues as well and different political parties found out many conflicts among them. These poor circumstances eventually end up with the collapse of Soviet Union.

Why Did the Soviet Union Break Up

May 2nd, 2011

Many countries developed abut some of them collapsed because of some reasons. While talking about Soviet Union, it is very important to know why Soviet Union collapsed. And what were the main causes which led to this fall down. Obviously, it is not a small or negligible issue but there must be strong grounds behind it which eventually gave way to Soviet Union collapse. In the next section, different kinds of factors and reasons will be discussed which played a crucial role for the Soviet Union to give way. Let us get these concerns.

Soviet Union Break Up Why Did the Soviet Union Break Up

Why did the Soviet Union break up: Reasons and Situations?

When we think of Soviet Union then it becomes certainly clear for us to remind that it was considered among one of the super powers in the world. It was even going on to make remarkable developments but some causes stopped it to go ahead and eventually it got fall. It was no doubt a strong successor to the Russian Empire. It played a significant role in making research on space technology as well as weaponry. It is not all because it helped several other countries and regions to get better and to develop in a way as it was doing. Soviet Union had a stable economy and it was in position to defend in probable threats and dangers because it had strong military forces as well. What can be most obvious evidence of its strength than being a member of the United Nations Security Council? It is really shocking to know that Soviet Union was a dependant member of the United Nations Security Council.

Why the Country Broke Up:

What can be the probable reasons for the break up of Soviet Union? Or which conditions force that country to collapse? Well, if a critical analysis is made then it becomes obvious that the country fallen down because of two major reasons. One was regarding economic issues and other was related to undependable political structure.

At that time, United State’s President named Ronald Reagan became active in Saudi Arabia’s decision to put up for sale its oil at relatively cheap prices. As a result, the U.S.S.R. considerably minimized its oil profits. It was not too simple to afford these conditions and to tolerate the economic issues easily. At the same time, Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev brought out some major policies in 1985, which were known as Glasnost and Perestroika. First policy was for making transparency in the government as well as second was for solving the economic problems of the country.

In addition to this, country was unable to carry on developing and working on plans and ideas which were intended for various satellite states. This important progress eventually led to the beginning of the Cold War. All these situations disturb the political atmosphere and eventually it forced the country to break up.

Why Did the Revolutionary War Start

May 2nd, 2011

Every action must have some reasons for it to happen. It is the similar case with revolutionary war. There were definitely some grounds which force the colonists to stand up against the Empire and begin a revolutionary war. So, question is actually why the revolutionary war start and what were crucial reasons for it to take place? These issues are discusses here in the following section along with proper description.

Revolutionary War Start Why Did the Revolutionary War Start

Growing feeling for Independence:

What was the most critical reason for revolutionary way to happen at all? Well, it was the sentiments and feelings of colonists which force them to think of their independence and freedom from the British Empire. The empire was many miles far from the actual territory where colonists were living and thus, they happened to think of their independent land. Americans are equal, it means that both men as well as women are keen to work on equal basis which really helped them realize and work for their cause. They certainly got and learned the different manners to live their lives in distinct styles. At the same time, they felt that it could become terrible for them to live more while remaining under the dependence of British Empire. So Americans started to get the things better and they decided to manage things according to their causes and demands. In addition to this, colonists were having vast land which means that they ha enough resources which may be utilized for the great cause of getting independence. That is why, by making correct usage of these resources colonists became more powerful and prosperous as compare to those people who were living in the home region of England. Were these developments important for colonists and had they any kind of impact on their struggles? Well, these developments proved to be very beneficial for the colonists which helped them realize that they may live without the Empire…

The French – Indian War and Increased Taxes:

During wars with French and Native Americans, British involved and finally got victory but they acquired debts not just local but foreign as well. To deal with these debts, they applied more taxes on colonists who were unable to cope with raised taxes and eventually, they gave up. The most important thing was that colonists took part in the war as well and they helped the British to win the war but what did they get? Of course, they did not get anything except huge taxes. This was another reason which let them think that there is no benefit to fight with and help out the British Empire… things became worse when they felt that they were not even consulted on these concerns at all. More taxes were applied to papers and sugar which were the main sources of income to the Americans as well as their business. These were very strong reason which revolutionary war started.

Why Did the Pilgrims Leave England

May 2nd, 2011

While looking over the history of England, we can see that there were pilgrims who finally leaved the country. Now, there would be several conditions and reasons for them to leave the country and find out some other region to live their life. Before, we carry on find out these causes which forced them to leave the region, let us first determine what a pilgrim is and why is called so? A pilgrim is a person who lives his life just according to his religious norms and paths and he devotes all his life just for his religion. So, pilgrims of England had the similar story which will be revealed in the next section of discussion.

Pilgrims Leave England Why Did the Pilgrims Leave England

Pursuit for Religious Freedom:

As mentioned above, a pilgrim is a person who wants to live his life according to his religious rules and orders. That was the basic reason which offered England pilgrims to get out of the region. They truly wanted to leave the land just because they were not finding out enough space for them in the region where complete religious norms may be applied well. They were actually separatists from the Anglican Church. One of the most terrible things they noticed was break from the Catholic Church which happened in 1535 but it was not enough and there were more things to come out. Let us take another example worse example which forces pilgrims to find out new region for them where they apply their religious rules in a better manner. For instance, they further noticed that the Anglican Church carried out another big misdeed while substituting the king as the religious head rather than a pope. What else can be expected more? They eventually realized that England is going away from the religious norms and soon it will become awfully dreadful for them to tolerate such deeds again. That is why they planned to say goodbye to England forever.

Are England Pilgrims the same as the Puritans?

Before pilgrims, Puritans left England for the same motives i.e. to get enough freedom to live their life in the way which is according to their religion. However, Puritans were also nonconformists and furthermore they accepted only the revealed word’s authority. No doubt, both groups were fighting for the freedom of living life along with religious norms but still they were quite distinct with each other or you can say that lots of differences exist among them. The major difference among them is that the Pilgrims were separatists. And they were truly breaking off from the Anglican Church. If we talk about The Puritans then they never planned to leave their mother church. That is why they did not left it at all but tried to purify the church from such kinds of orders and misdeeds. However, Puritans were more prepared at the time of settling the new found region.

Why Did the Patriots Win the Revolutionary War?

May 2nd, 2011

You must have heard that wars are won by the passion and fervor not because of weapons. When we look over the past Revolutionary war then it is clear that patriots won the war well. Now, there are several reasons which force them to stand up and fight for their independence and they did so and eventually won the war. Let us get some more factual concerns about why did the patriots win the Revolutionary war?

Revolutionary War Why Did the Patriots Win the Revolutionary War?

Inspired Leadership:

What is the key factor which helps you win some cause or aim? Which thing helps the most to attain you want to obtain? When the war began then all patriots were not gathered on the same platform even some were not willing for the war and they wanted to remain the part of Empire. However, there were still huge patriots who were willing to get back their independence along with full fervor and ardor. And it was certainly their number of troops which blessed them with the victory but it was their obsession which forced them to bring out their voice to get their rights well and to live in an independent country. However, a number of troops were preparing for the great day when they wanted to get independence from Empire. It was not just the amount of groups but there were several other factors which helped them chase their goal in a better manner. Or instance, they got excellent leadership characters that did a lot for them. There were several personnel who acted like leaders as they enhanced their skills well to be fully prepared to do anything for their land and for the independence of their whole nation. At the same time, knowledge with the terrain helps them a lot to know what their actual cause is and how they may get success in their aims and ambitions. Through this knowledge, they got distinct plans to overcome the on hand rulers and then they acted on their plans in a wonderful way.

Fighting for Freedom:

It was not the case of acquiring territory only but there were so many causes as well. For instance, Americans were passionate to get their right to live their life in the essence of freedom and independence which filled their hearts with huge passion and spirit and they finally got succeeded. Conditions were becoming bad now and now British begun to tease the nation in different manners. For instance, they started taking diverse unnecessary taxes and charges on the people and they certainly made it impossible to live anymore. These situations aroused and brought out the inner enthusiasm of colonists and they realized that now it is truly vital for them to get their independence. So, freedom was another major motive for Americans to fight and stand up for not just their land but for their independence as well.

Why Did the Archaeopteryx Become Extinct

May 2nd, 2011

There are more than a few studies which reveal that archaeopteryx have been recognized during many years. It was probable because of innovation of frequent near fossils of the living things. It further lets scientists to settle on and decide about its essential qualities and activities

What about the Physical Appearance?

When we talk about the appearance of archaeopteryx then it was around a foot long from the beak to the tail. However, it was not too heavy and it had weight of just 400 grams and had a wing length of around 1.5 feet. After getting such information from this creature, some scientists believe that the through descendant of modern birds. However, there are a few differences as well which somehow differentiate archaeopteryx from modern kinds of birds. For instance, archaeopteryx has teeth. As well as its chest area was flat and each wing had three claws. However, if we talk about its fingers then they were a bit small as compare to its body size. Its tail was lengthy and thin as well.

Archaeopteryx Become Extinct Why Did the Archaeopteryx Become Extinct

Is there any similarity with Birds and Dinosaurs?

Different facts which have been discovered about this creature reveal that it has feathers. Its size was same just like of a crow. However, studies have conflicts whether it was able to fly or not. Those scientists who believe that it might fly also say that it was not able to fly enough. No doubt, it had many similarities with modern birds however; it has similarities with dinosaurs as well. What did make it look like dinosaurs? Well its teeth as well as some bone make up were enough to make such similarities.

Now, these diverse similarities with birds as well as with dinosaurs create a bit unclear look and it becomes quite difficult to decide which evolutionary chain this creature belongs to. Scientists discovered its similarities and a solid connection with birds as well as dinosaurs but still there are some more studies. What these studies bring out? These theories further say that it was not limited to just birds and dinosaurs but its similarities may also be find out with reptiles. Well, it is really too amazing and strange.

What to say about Behavior?

We talked about the appearance as well as size and similarities of this creature now it is time to talk about its behaviors. One of the finest theories about their existence says that they were there during the Jurassic Period. If calculations are made then it is around 150 million years ago. It was actually a carnivore that feasted on relatively small animals. At that time, flying dinosaurs could be found out very easily but this creature was living within its own region.

While watching its feet structure, it reveals that it stayed just near trees or hovering there. All these facts and others which are under discovery certainly bring out lots of information about these creatures and the way they lived.

Why Did Satan Get Kicked Out of Heaven

April 30th, 2011

Identified by many titles such as Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan and the Devil and so forth, Satan is most probably one of the powerful opponents who opted to declare an open battle against God Almighty. The account of his downfall from paradise is an integral part of the Christian theology.

It is very hilarious to mention that the Satan was once upon a time, one of God’s favorites. As an angel of an elegant grace and charm he was held to be among the glittering stars in the heaven. Satan was chosen by God to take His decree to the people as Gabriel and Michael were doing.

Satan  Why Did Satan Get Kicked Out of Heaven

The Fall of Lucifer

Actually, the Bible does not dictate exactly when the Devil fell, the account, however, can be cited in Isaiah 14:12. It reads:

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”

This verse was written in the King James’ Version. Later editions have substituted Lucifer with King of Babylon, the morning star and the like. However, at the time of Satan’s fall from Heaven, the title “Lucifer” must have been got in vogue synonymous with “Devil”.

The Time Period

No exact mention of time is given therein as to when Satan proper fell from Heavens. As a matter of close approximation it may be traced at any point in the prehistoric time line.

It is mentioned in Job 38:4 that God had created the angels before he made the planet. It meant that the Devil was already present there. However, in Genesis, the Devil had already been brought down, unraveling, as it is said, was in the guise of a serpent. Therefore it can be inferred that the cast down occurred after the creation of the angels. Nevertheless, it must have taken much before the departure of Adam and Eve out of Eden.

A conversation between God and the Devil is also related in Job 1:6. There is no specific date given though as to when Satan was cast down from Heaven, it is speculated that it had already occurred. Job’s story had been occasioned prior to Adam and Eve’s fall. Despite  the possibility is that the Devil was yet allowed to visit the Heaven. The interaction with God also made it evident that the Devil was at large to move back and forth amid earth, hell and heaven.

Consequences for Man

The circumstances behind Satan’s fall cast vivid effects on mankind. The Devil enticed Adam and Eve and led them sin. He also influenced King David to commit sin (1 Chronicles 21:1). To date, many Christians maintain that the Devil and his minions wander about the earth. Their mission is to stray men and women away from God and ultimately push them into Hell.

Among Christian scholars the time of Satan’s fall has always been open to debate. The believers, however, understand that his presence is revealed and his influence requires to be sternly checked.

Why Do People Have Birthmarks

April 30th, 2011

A person may have different kinds of signs on his skin after some weeks of his birth. These are called as birthmarks. Not all people have these marks abut usually a person has even a single birthmark on his skin. Now there are many reasons which cause babies to have distinct types of birthmarks on their skin. There are many theories about why do people have birthmarks and why they are found and what is the basic reason for having such marks o newborn babies. Now, if you want to know about these birthmarks then you have to get insight in these studies and theories which are not just amazing but significant as well. At the same time, you need to know different shapes and kinds of birthmarks as well.

People Have Birthmarks Why Do People Have Birthmarks

What can be probable reasons for these birthmarks?

As you read above there are different studies which reveal distinct facts about why do people have birthmarks? One of these studies or realization says that a baby has birthmarks because his mother was eager about something but she was not satisfied with getting them. That is why the baby receives these birthmarks after some time of his birth. At the same time, some people also say that these marks may be appeared in the shape of thing or fruit which his mother was eager to eat. For instance, if she liked apples so much before her baby’s birth then his baby may have marks just like an apple. Or he may have marks which look like apple shape. It is not enough or all as there are many other concepts related to these symbols or marks. For instance, some people think that baby has marks on his skin because her mother was feeling awfully fear before his birth. These are different concepts regarding these marks but certainly none of them is too strong or prefect which ensures the presence of these marks. Let us get some theatrical perspective regarding birthmarks.

What Theories say about birthmarks?

Now, if we keep an eye on theories and assumption s then there are still lots of interesting concerns about these marks. For instance, some scientists think that there are many blood vessels which grow on the skin and eventually give birth to these marks. At the same time, other scientists feel that these marks are made up of cells which are developed from the vessels’ inner lining. It is not all because there are many other scientists who believe that these marks were developed inside however but inequity issues that control the pattern of blood vessels. So, these are a few concepts and theories about why do people have birthmarks and what are the usual causes for these marks. Let us get some adequate facts about the types of these marks.

Types of Birthmarks:

There are 6 different types of birthmarks. First is Café au lait spot which appears on birth and in the early infancy years. Second one is the congenital melanocytic nevus. It usually appears around the neck and on the head. Third one is Mongolian blue spot which does not have any particular shape. Forth is Nevus flammeus which appeared because of insufficient nerve supply in the blood vessels that grow on the skin. Stork bite is fifth type which appears usually on the forehead, neck, top lip as well as on eyelids. Strawberry mark is the 6th type of birthmark which appears mostly i.e. nearly 80%.

Why Do People Join Gangs

April 30th, 2011

Everyone is eager to live a peaceful and free live without any danger or risk. It is a natural feeling and it is the basic right of life as well. However, sometimes some people or a group of people begin to make use to their power and unity in the wrong sense. These kinds of instabilities offer people to become part of some kind of gang or group which is always behaving like a shelter for them. Now, there are several reasons and conditions which eventually let people join gangs to get different kinds of benefits and gains from them. In the following piece of writing, some of these factors are described along with proper analysis. The section entails why do people join gangs?

People Join Gangs Why Do People Join Gangs

To Feel Accepted:

One of the most common and usual reasons for which people join gangs is the feeling that forces them to be accepted. What does it mean and why do people think so? Well, there are many people and families who don’t find enough time for each other and thus, they feel loneliness and ignored. This is a very dangerous feeling which lets them do anything to get attention of people. For the same cause, people find out those gangs or groups which support hem and let them feel that they are really important for them. This kind of feeling and acceptance becomes the most valuable reason for them to be a part of such gangs. And finally they become their part… for loneliness and disregarding are most factual reasons which become source of development such groups as well as people participation in them.

To Make Money:

Which other facts and perspectives let people join these gangs? The most inspiring aspect about these gangs is that they don’t just offer shelter and protection but at the same time, they offer huge amount of money to attract people to join them. People who want cash to fulfill their necessary requirements or those who are just interested to make money all the time, become part of these gangs to earn as much cash as they want. After that, they make wrong use of their earned money and disturb the lives of other people who become problem for them. So, money is another factor which forces people to join gangs and other kinds of similar groups.

To Impress Others!

Don’t you like that people admire your way of living? Don’t you want to inspire others by your deeds? Well, everyone likes it but the intention and the way of doing this is quite different. Some people carry out good acts just to impress others who are important for them. At the same time, lots of people particularly young generation is crazy for having a strong and powerful impact on others. That is why they take more interest in such activities which increase their attitude and inspire others specially their friends.