• Why Is Nutrition Important

    Nutrition or nourishment is essentially the supply, to cells and tissues of organisms, of the food materials to sustain life. A number of day to day ailments can be avoided or at least relieved by an intake of a healthy diet. The food of a living being is constituted by what it eats, and is […]

  • Why Should People Exercise

    A sound health is very much dependent on regular exercise. No doubt, it is very difficult to spare some time out of your busy routine of life. But once you understand the effects of exercise on your mind, emotions and your body, you would certainly tend to resolve to spare at least half an hour […]

  • Why Was the Bill of Rights Written

    The Bill of Rights is the title that signifies first ten amendments to the constitution of the United States Constitution. The move of amendments was initiated by James Madison to the First United States Congress in 1789 in the form of a succession of articles, and took effect on December 15, 1791, when about 3/4th […]

  • Why Did the Spice Girls Break Up

    There are lots of show buzz these days about Spice Girls disbanding. No doubt their albums sold over some 60 million copies, rendering them one time the most successful bands in the world of music. Regretfully enough the group got disbanded while it reached zenith of popularity. Halliwell at odds: To some people the disbanding […]

  • Why Does My Ear Ring

    When you get out of water, one or both of your ears ring. This does not persist long. After sometime you shrug your ears and move forward. But the ringing doesn’t disappear rather it gets louder and louder which shouldn’t last longer than 30 days for a normal year. Common Causes: There are many complications […]

  • Science

  • Why Do Earthquakes Happen

    Earthquakes are often defined as a sudden, violent shaking or trembling of the earth’s surface. There is no way to predict earthquakes as it can occur at anytime and anywhere in the world. Earthquakes often strike the with variable intensity

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  • Why Is Pluto Not a Planet

    Pluto, designated as 134340 Pluto, is the second largest dwarf planet known to-date in the Solar System and the 10th largest heavenly body directly revolving around the Sun. Formerly classified as a planet, Pluto is presently believed the largest member

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  • Why Do Leaves Change Color In the Fall

    At the onset of autumn leaves change color, because of the chemical changes taking place in leaves, as their food ingredients are drained and deposited into the tree’s trunk, branches, and roots for winter storage, cause the leaves to cease

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  • Computers

  • Why Did the Articles of Confederation Fail

    These articles were introduced to be the Constitution of the 13 states that made America. It was brought out in 1781. However within six years, revisions were already underway. Some of the major reasons why the Articles of Confederation failed are the following. Articles of confederation The major problems of the Articles of confederation that […]

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  • Why Is It Called an IPod

    With technological growth, each day you will find out a novel technology or product in front of you in the IT world. For instance, IPod is a most recognized audio and video device these days which is used and preferred around the world. Apple Inc. is a remarkable IT company which introduced this product as […]

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  • Why Is My Device Manager Empty

    If you have a computer then you must be very well aware of k a kind of program which is used for taking account of devices attached to a PC. Yeah, we are really talking about Device Manager which has the basic task of keeping information and controlling functions of all devices (attached to your […]

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  • General

  • Why Is It Called the French Quarter

    There are many historical accounts regarding a number of regions which transformed and developed in totally distinct area. French Quarter is among these regions or it can be taken as the best example of such areas which got huge changes

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  • Why Doesn’t Arizona Observe Daylight Savings Time

    Different kinds of time saving as well as resources saving policies are made throughout the country to find solutions of related issues. For instance, daylight savings time is adopted in some states of America where clocks are advanced. Well, there

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  • Why Did Satan Get Kicked Out of Heaven

    Identified by many titles such as Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan and the Devil and so forth, Satan is most probably one of the powerful opponents who opted to declare an open battle against God Almighty. The account of his downfall from

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  • Life

  • Why Do People Join Gangs

    Everyone is eager to live a peaceful and free live without any danger or risk. It is a natural feeling and it is the basic right of life as well. However, sometimes some people or a group of people begin

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  • Why Do People Hate

    What is the most terrible feeling while living the life? Well, it would not be wrong to say that we feel extremely poor when someone hates us or in the similar way when we hate someone. Do you hate someone?

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  • Why Do People Wear Clothes

    What can be the best way to make out your personality? How can you give proper impression about you? Well, there may be lots of ways to do so. However, the one which is described here belongs to dressing up

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  • Health

  • Why Does Fluid Build Up in Lungs

    Pulmonary edema is present when there is fluid accumulation in the lungs.  The fluid accumulated within the layers of the tissues that line the lungs and the chest cavity, resulting gas exchange was affected and eventually led to respiratory failure.

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  • Why Is Mitochondrial DNA Important

    A mitochondrion refers to organelle enclosed in a membrane, which is found in eukaryotic cells within animals, plants etc. The organelles are not more than 10 micrometers in diameter. Mitochondria, the plural of mitochondrion, are the cellular power plants. Their

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  • Why Do Wounds Itch When They Are Healing

    Every one of us is aware of itch and pain while getting wounds on some part of our body. They are not teasing in the childhood but young people and aged ones also feel a lot of pain when their

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  • Animals & Birds

  • Why Did the Archaeopteryx Become Extinct

    There are more than a few studies which reveal that archaeopteryx have been recognized during many years. It was probable because of innovation of frequent near fossils of the living things. It further lets scientists to settle on and decide

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  • Why Do Cats Purr

    Cats are known to be the popular domestic pet because of having excellent friendly behavior towards humans. Cats are not only used as pets but also used for hunting and controlling the growth of some repulsive undesired pests and creatures

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  • Why Are Chimps Endangered

    The animals that are becoming extinct on earth are increasing with every passing day due to several different reasons. Among this list are chimps that have been reduced to a small population due to numerous reasons. Steps need to be

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